Frequently Asked Questions

Below, we have answered some of the questions we are asked most often at Country Heritage Winery. If you'd like any more information, feel free to contact us by phone or our social media!

Are you open right now?

We are open for in-house sales! We are under restrictions for the forseeable future. Our restrictions have been updated as of 11/16. We will update this page when we have confirmation that this will change.

Do you allow dogs?

While we absolutely love our 4-legged friends, unfortunately, our insurance company does not. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Will you be taking reservations?

Yes, we are taking reservations! We strongly recommend a reservation at all times to ensure that a table is available for you, since all guests must be seated at a table while enjoying the premises. Click here to set your reservation!

Please note that reservations for our event room during our Friday and Saturday Wine Down live music events will require a reservation fee. All other reservations are free of charge.

What restrictions currently apply?

We are open for in-house sales. In order to maintain compliance with the Governor of Indiana's most recent mandates, the following procedures will be in effect:

    All guests must be seated at a table. We will be serving tastings, wines, and food (when available) tableside.
    Masks are required whenever guests are not seated and enjoying beverages and food. This is in accordance with the current mandate as signed by the Governor of Indiana.
    Social distancing is in effect, and we ask that all guests maintain distance from other parties at all times. Keeping apart now will help to keep us open and ready to serve you!

What other steps are you taking during the pandemic?

We at Country Heritage Winery are committed to protecting the health of our guests and employees while providing the best service possible. We are taking steps to help ensure that everyone stay healthy as possible, including:

    Encouraging reservations every day to ensure that we have tables available for all guests without exceeding capacity limits
    Sanitizing high-touch points regularly
    Using UV air purifiers on all air handlers in the winery building
    Staff usage of face masks and washing hands frequently

What are your hours?

Our LaOtto winery's hours are 11-8 from Sunday-Thursday, and then 11-10 on Friday and Saturday.


Our Nashville location's hours are 11-6 from Monday-Thursday, 11-10 on Friday and Saturday, and 12-6 on Sunday.

When is your patio bar open?

Our patio bar (at our LaOtto winery) is open from 11-close on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. A menu is available on our Products page. Our patio bar features our patio bar food menu as well as our full drink selection.

I want to do a tasting. How does it work?

LaOtto location: Tastings are available daily. We offer 5 tastings for $5. Our tastings are in a flight, and we are offering a dry selection, sweet selection, and a mixed variety selection. Check out our Products page if you'd like to review our list before visiting! All tastings are currently taking place by table service.


Nashville location: Limited tastings are available daily. Tastings will be available by table service, and the menu will be limited. We will continue to post updates about any changes to our tasting service as they happen.

Are children allowed at the winery?

We welcome the entire family at Country Heritage Winery, no matter how young! However, we do have some rules for everyone to follow to ensure safety. Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult over 21, within arms reach. Children must never be unaccompanied. In addition, children cannot be running around the property, through the vineyards, or on our landscaping features. We also cannot allow anyone under the age of 21 to stand or be near the tasting bar. Your cooperation with these guidelines will ensure that we can continue to be a family-friendly destination.

Can I bring my own food or drinks into the winery or outside space?

In accordance with FDA and Board of Health regulations, we cannot allow outside food, beverages, or containers of any kind on the premises. This includes coffees (Starbucks, etc.), water bottles purchased elsewhere, personal water bottles or containers, thermoses, juice, milk, snacks, coolers, and the like. We do have a selection of snacks, water bottles, sparkling juices, and Pepsi products available for purchase every day. We also have our patio bar open during weekend hours, as well as food trucks as scheduled.


Even if you have dietary restrictions or other preferences, we cannot allow outside food, beverages, or containers on winery property.

I'm not a wine drinker. Do you offer any beer or cocktails?

As a facility that produces and sells our own wine, it is not legal in the State of Indiana to have any alcohol that we do not sell on the property. Our license is as a farm winery, so our wines are the only alcoholic beverages we are permitted to sell.

We recommend trying our wine slushies or ciders if wine is not your preference. We also always encourage guests to taste a few wines. Ask your server for recommendations - often, we can find something you will enjoy! If you still would prefer to enjoy something other than our wines, we do offer water, sparkling juices, and Pepsi products for sale at our winery.

Who is playing this weekend? What events are coming up at CHW?

Check out our Events page for the most up-to-date schedule of performers in our concert series as well as dates for any special events coming up!

I'd like to rent the winery for a private event. Who do I contact?

If you have a future event you would like to book, head to our Events tab and click "Book Your Event" to get a link to our event contact form. We can schedule your date, and your event will be held according to all current restrictions put in place by the Governor of Indiana as they change and evolve.


Fabulous! Head to our Events tab and click "Book Your Event" for more information about the spaces we have available. There, you can find a contact form to get in touch with our events coordinator, who will be glad to fill in any more details and get you booked for your event!


We do not host wedding ceremonies or receptions.

Do you have (this wine) available?

Can I have wines shipped to me?

We have our wines available to ship on our Products page. Wine shipment is done through VinoShipper and is available in Indiana as well as 37 other states.