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Dry Wines (0--.80RS)

Pinot Gris 2018

pinot gris2

Washington State Grown Fruit. Full body flavors of apple and pear. Gold Medal 2019 Indiana State Fair Wine Competition.


Sauvignon Blanc 2018

sauv blanc


Aromatics of gooseberry and citrus. Flavors of pear and lime.


Unoaked Chardonnay 2019

unoaked chard

Washington State Grown Fruit. Butter and toast with underlying notes of pineapple.


Marechal Foch Rose 2018

foch rose

Estate Grown Fruit. Lively and tart with fresh fruit flavors of watermelon and strawberries. Bronze Medal 2019 Indiana State Fair Wine Competition.



Norton 2016


Estate Grown Fruit. Medium bodied fruit foward wine with upfront flavors of blueberry and cherry. Gold Medal 2019 Indiana State Fair Wine Competition. 


Marquette 2017

marquette 17

Estate Grown Fruit. Upfront flavors of cherry with a smooth mouth feel and soft spice finish. Silver Medal 2019 Indiana State Fair Wine Competition. 


Malbec 2017


California and Chilean Grown Fruit. Smooth with tart cherry and red fruits and satisfying finish.




Vintner's Cuvee

vintners cuvee

Calavaras California Grown Fruit. Robust and rich in flavor of currant and plum with a lasting finish. Cabernet Sauvignon and Petite Sirah Blend. Gold Medal 2019 Indiana State Fair Wine Competition.


Cabernet Sauvignon 2018


California Grown Fruit. Dry rose wine, strawberry and floral nose. Crisp and refreshing. Best served chilled. Pairs well with seafood, vegetables, sharp cheese, and salads.


Merlot 2017

merlot 2

Sierra Foothills California Grown Fruit. Rich and aromatic full body red. Notes of red raspberry jam, vanilla, and a smoky spice finish.


Semi-Dry Wines (.81-3.0RS)

LaCrescent 2018


Estate Grown Fruit. Aromatic white wine with intertwining flavors of peach, apricot, and citrus. Bronze Medal 2019 Indiana State Fair Wine Competition. 


Cayuga 2017



Estate Grown Fruit. Bright and refreshing notes of citrus and honey crisp apple.


Semi-Sweet & Sweet Wines (3.1—9.9RS)

Slender Blush

slnder blush

Zero sugar, all the flavor! Semi sweet rose wine sweetened with Zerose.


Slender White

slender whitee

Zero sugar, all the flavor! Semi sweet white wine sweetened with Zerose.



cranberry riesling

Tart yet sweet, harmonious blend of cranberries and Riesling.


Heritage White

h white

Estate Grown Fruit. 100% Cayuga. Light bodied with soft tropical fruit flavors. Bronze Medal 2019 Indiana State Fair Wine Competition.


Honey Mead

honey mead

 Made with 100% Indiana clover honey.





Heritage Red


Estate Grown Fruit. Concord grape jelly in a glass. Silver Medal Indiana State Fair Wine Competition. Silver Medal Indy International Wine Competition. 




 100% Cranberries. Balance of sweetness and tartness. Bronze Medal 2019 Indiana State Fair Wine Competition.




Like a mouthfull of freshly picked blackberries. Made with 100% fruit this blackberry wine is both sweet with subtle tart notes.


Heritage Rose


Estate Grown Fruit. Made with Steuben grapes...think pink! Silver Medal 2019 Indiana State Fair Wine Competition. 


Spring Blossom


 Estate Grown Fruit. A sweet blush wine perfect for the spring days ahead.


Winter White

winter white

New this year! A sweet white blend perfect for sipping by a cozy fire.


Jug Series Wine

CH Winery is producing these wines to memorialize Abe Martin, the 100-year-old fictional character who roams the streets of Nashville and surrounding Brown County, IN. 

Strawberry Blush


A blend of Indiana grown Strawberries & Zinfandel. Sweet rose wine.


Blackberry Merlot


A blend of blackberries and Merlot. Sweet red wine.


Peach Chardonnay


 A blend peach wine and Chardonnay. Sweet white wine.


Dessert Wines (10.0RS & up)

Ice Age White

ice age white

Estate Grown Fruit. Delicately sweet blend of Vignoles and LaCrescent grapes. Gold Medal 2019 Indy International Wine Competition.

375 mL


Red Satin

red satin 2

Red raspberries explode on the palate with this port style wine.



blueberry dessert

Estate Grown Fruit. Think Blueberry Pie! Gold Medal 2019 Indy International Wine Competition. Silver Medal Indiana State Fir Wine Competition.


Black Silk

black rasp

A sweet indulgent treat made from 100% black raspberries.


Barrel Room Library Wines



 This full bodied red wine has flavors or blackberry, raspberry, dark cherry, almond, and dark spices with a floral nose.


Proprietor's Reserve

prop reserve

Aged 14 months in American Oak. Intense flavors of black currant, cedar on the finish, and bold tannins. True Bordeaux blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, & Petit Verdot.


Petit Verdot 2016


Sierra Foothills grown fruit. Notes of leather, black currant, and cherry. Deeply structured. Double Gold 2019 Indianapolis State Fair Wine Competition.


Petite Sirah 2016

prop reserve

Aged in barrel for 27 months. Bold dry red with flavors of plum, blackberry, and pepper. Indiana State Wine of The Year! Double Gold 2019 Indianapolis State Fair Wine Competition.



Pinot Noir Rose 2018

pinot noir rose

Calaveras California Grown Fruit. Medium body and subtle tannins. Aromas of eucalyptus aroma. Black cherry upfront on the palate.


Marquette 2013

prop reserve

Estate grown fruit. Inky black in color with a complex finish. One of our most desirable Estate Dry reds.


Barrel Fermented Chardonnay

barrelferm chard

Fermented and aged in French Oak. Barrel fermented wines highlight texture, mouth feel, and structure. Notes of toasted coconut.


Vignoles 2018


Bright and crisp with upfront citrus and grapefruit flavors

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